Vacant Land at wholesale prices!

The best deals on land all over the United States

Land At WHOLESALE Prices!

We market heavily to people who for whatever reason no longer want or need their land. We pay cash for our properties which means we get the best possible pricing. We then market them all over the Internet at wholesale prices.

Acres, Farmland, Recreational, And Residential Properties…you name it, we sell it!



We Promise NO Tricks or Games

Why buy land?

Vacant land, raw land, empty land – there’s

a reason why investors are still acquiring

it today:

  • There’s a cap on supply (no one is making

       more land), yet there’s no cap on demand

  • Wholesale Land is very affordable

  • Land has multiple profit strategies

       and exit strategies so you have choices

       (build your dream home or partition it into the next major subdivision development)

Land – it’s the original real estate investment! For thousands of years, people have been acquiring land because they know that it’s compelling just to own land.

Most of our clients are wholesalers who also pay cash for these properties and re-market them on terms. We like to keep everything moving through the pipeline to keep volume up and pricing down. 

Don’t sit on the sidelines while other investors scoop up the bargains. We sell these parcels on a wholesale basis and turn them very quickly. So if you see something on our site don’t hesitate because most of our parcels sell in a week or two.

Land at WHOLESALE prices!

Here’s How To Buy


We typically process payment through Bank of America's merchant services; a well known and trusted source to process secure credit card transactions over the internet.

Our process is very simple, you pick the property you would like to purchase, click the add to cart button, go to the cart at the top right hand side of the webpage and click checkout. You then enter your credit card information and and a few pieces of information we need to create your deed. We never even see your credit card information.

After your payment is received we process the Deed through the County Recorder’s office which, when recorded, transfers official ownership to you. The recording process is usually 8-10 business days.

Give us a call if you have any questions about this process.

Brian and Katheryn McKanna
Maplewood Land

About Us

Brian & Kat McKanna, founders of Maplewood Land

Both of our families have been in the business of real estate, land investment, and home remodeling for years. ​We decided to get into land investment because of the huge potential owning land offers! 

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